Pierce Williams: Latest Creations are Stencil Prints of Famous Musicians
May 1 2015
by Linda Frabl
92081 Magazine

Photo by Dawn Nicoli

Photo by Dawn Nicoli

Stencil Art Revolution!

Pierce Williams is a Vista-based artist whose skill in forging new professional paths for himself has served him well. Originally from Vermont, Pierce relocated to San Francisco, and then decided to make the move to sunny San Diego. He recalled, “I didn’t know anyone here when I moved – I just put all my stuff in a U-Haul truck and drove down.” Fully aware of his propensity towards the arts, Pierce attended SDSU and ultimately found his niche in web and graphic design. He also found a wife, and is now a father to two young children.

Never one to limit himself, Pierce has successfully dabbled in many forms of artistic expressions over the years, and his creative inclinations are continually transforming. He explained, “I began as a sculptor of futuristic, robotic-looking pieces. I then became a curator and an art dealer, setting up many large group art shows that were very well received, and I got many press articles about them.” It was during this time that Pierce gained a lot of worldwide fame, and he even appeared on television shows both nationally and internationally.

Although he was profoundly successful in organizing these shows, Pierce followed his heart’s desire and headed yet again towards a new artistic direction that incorporates his passion for music. He revealed, “In 2008 I transitioned to only music-based designs, and my inspiration comes from listening to my favorite local and worldwide bands.” This newfound development included Pierce’s creation of over 300 rock posters for local bands and venues.

Just last year, Pierce conceived of the Pierce Williams Stencil Art Revolution project, which currently consists of portrait prints of famous musicians that are made in his home studio through a four-color stenciling process. Pierce clarified, “I describe this style as ‘post-silkscreen stenciling,’ since I have made silkscreen posters in the past, but no longer do so.”

Pierce also continues to do freelance web and graphic design, and he intends to spend more time marketing his artwork. Grateful for his current fan base, Pierce revealed, “The response to my art has been overwhelmingly positive and supportive. One of the best parts of doing what I do is all of the great people I get to meet along the way.”

Name: Pierce Williams
Profession: Artist
Community: Vista
Hobbies: Art, design, music and art events
Favorite Local Spots: The Jumping Turtle, Iron Fist Brewing Company, Iacon Sound Studios